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According to our philosophy and dreams, we want to spread knowledge about rational nutrition and encourage to discover healthy and delicious nooks of vegetable cuisine. We are convinced that anyone who discovers the magic of specialties prepared by our chefs will want more – even the most ardent opponent of vegetables!

That is why Soul Fresh – a unique vegetarian restaurant in Tricity – will provide extraordinary catering for your workshops, banquets, conferences and other events organized by you. We have a lot of experience and we know what surprise and movement can trigger the unusual menu prepared by us. This is an excellent offer for everyone – those of you who love plant based cuisine, as well as your friends or colleagues who are not interested in the topics of healthy eating every day, but like to “eat well”. If they do not believe that you can fill up with plant based dishes – we will convince them that it is different.

Soul Fresh provides catering fully balanced in terms of nutritional value and safe for allergy sufferers – as one of the few, a vegetarian restaurant in Tricity Soul Fresh prepares dishes without meat, dairy products, sugar*, gluten** and peanuts. Each menu we prepare is meticulously consulted with the client. Do you need nutritious finger food for an integration party for new employees? And maybe full board during the 3-day schooling? Contact us – we provide food as well as drinks and our reliable, high-class service.

*White sugar (the most popular in Poland) made from sugar beet. The sweet taste in our menu is obtained thanks to fruits such as bananas or dates. For cakes we use small amounts of xylitol or agave syrup./em>
**Dishes do not contain wheat flour, but are prepared in the space in which it is used – our dishes may contain traces of wheat flour.

Let’s summarize – catering at Soul Fresh is:

  • guarantee of healthy, nutritionally balanced plant based meals without allergens, prepared from the freshest raw materials
  • flexibility – for each client we prepare a unique menu tailored to his needs (food + drinks);
  • full service of the highest class;
  • event service up to 500 people;
  • the possibility of organizing a plant based vegan wedding – here you can read more.

Vegetarian restaurant in Tricity Soul Fresh wants to be present every day in your homes and workplaces. For this reason, we are working on a unique catering that will change your thinking about plant based cuisine or provide you with perfectly balanced meals, if you already benefit from this type of diet. More information soon!


Vegetarian restaurant in Tricity - Soul Fresh, catering

Vegetarian restaurant in Tricity - Soul Fresh, catering






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