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About us

Soul Fresh – about us


Soul Fresh is a vegetarian restaurant in Gdynia, which is much more than an ordinary eating place. Soul Fresh was born out of our passion for cooking together and organizing parties during which all guests cooked together. The idea for business was born naturally, as a result of the willingness to share our passion with a larger group of people. We decided to join forces together – Krzysztof has 10 years of experience in working with many restaurants as a manager. Ewa, on the other hand, has substantive knowledge in the field of a healthy lifestyle and experience in working with patients as a physiotherapist. The conclusion, resulting both from work and observation of the surrounding reality and prevailing trends, was a notice that a lifestyle change requires large amounts of energy, willingness to change and a lot of integrated activities. It is not enough to change one aspect of life to become healthier, it is actually quite a complicated process. Unfortunately, many people who make the decision about such a change do not realize how many changes have to be made and thus they get discouraged in the process.

What was next?


We made up our minds to introduce a place in Tricity, in which we will support the everyday choices towards a more healthy lifestyle change. That’s the way Soul fresh, the vegetarian restaurant in Gdynia, was born. It is a unique place that clearly stands out from other restaurants in Tricity. It is not only a vegetarian restaurant in Gdynia – our dishes do not contain meat, dairy products, eggs, peanuts or gluten (dishes are prepared in the space in which wheat flour is used, so they can contain traces of it). The menu changes very often, so you can be sure that the dishes are fresh and prepared on a regular basis.

Soul Fresh is our offer for Gdynia residents to enrich their daily menu. It is a perfect place for vegetarians, vegans, people with food allergies or people who use different types of diets. However, it is also a restaurant created for people who want to spice up their daily diet, enrich it with fresh, plant based dishes, and do not know where to start. We invite you to try our version of the pro-healthy cuisine!

Vegetarian restaurant in Gdynia


Why Soul Fresh?


The content of our life is to keep the soul in a state of purity and inspiration. Thanks to the daily work in the restaurant, we have unlimited possibilities every day. On the other hand, meetings with people, cooking together and passing on their knowledge and philosophy, organization of parties and concerts – these are the aspects that give us freshness, which also found a place in the name.

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