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Soul Fresh is an unique vegan restaurant in Gdynia born of passion and love for healthy food, music and art. It’s a place from our dreams; a place that – in our opinion – was missing in Tricity. Our main assumption and goal is to support the choices for changing the lifestyle to healthier. We want to offer a healthier alternative to everyday dishes and show that the plant based cuisine is everything apart from boring! In our everyday work we focus on making the food served in our kitchen not only delicious and healthy, but also varied. All our dishes, as well as semi-finished products such as sauces or breadcrumbs, are prepared entirely by us. Thanks to that we have full control over the quality and taste of food in our restaurant.

Our offer is addressed not only to vegans or vegetarians. We are open to every guest. If you are bored or tired of your current daily menu, you are looking for a healthier alternative, you want to discover new flavours or just want to enrich your diet with healthy, nutritious food – Soul Fresh is a perfect place for you! We prove that plant based cuisine is extremely diverse and delicious. Healthy does not mean boring! As probably the only vegan restaurant in Gdynia we excluded from our dishes not only meat, eggs and dairy products – we also do not use sugar*, gluten** and peanuts.

*White sugar (the most popular in Poland) made from sugar beet. The sweet taste in our menu is obtained thanks to fruits such as bananas or dates. For cakes we use small amounts of xylitol or agave syrup.

**Dishes do not contain wheat flour, but are prepared in the space in which it is used – our dishes may contain traces of wheat flour


Vegan restaurant in Gdynia - Soul Fresh


Soul Fresh is much more than just a vegan restaurant in Gdynia. This is, of course, a place where you eat a delicious and healthy dinner, but you can also visit us with friends for coffee and cake or a cosy jazz concert, which we organise regularly. Thanks to the fact that our food is not only vegan, but also safe for people with food allergies, everyone will find something for themselves. Soul Fresh is a restaurant where you do not have to wonder “if I can eat it” when looking at the menu. All you have to do is choose what you want. We are also a friendly place for families with children of all ages.

We want our restaurant to be not only a gastronomic point, but something much more. We strive to become a place that combines good food, music and art. We also provide comprehensive catering services for events, from workshops to large banquets. You can also organize a banquet in our premises, and even organize a vegan wedding with our help!

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Restauracja wegańska w Gdyni - Soul Fresh

What makes us


We believe that our approach is what makes our restaurant a unique place on the gastronomic map of Tricity. First of all – we do not close ourselves to any customer. We do not want to convince anyone – only show that plant based cuisine can be very diverse and delicious at the same time. In addition each component of our dishes is prepared by our chefs on site. We do not limit ourselves to giving up only on meat, eggs and dairy products – there is also no gluten or peanuts in our dishes. We also try to make Soul Fresh not just a regular restaurant – we want it to be a meeting place filled with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. A space where everyone, regardless of their lifestyle or eating preferences, feels good and can eat deliciously.


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Plant based

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Plant based


What dishes can you find in our menu? The basic answer is of course – plant based ones. However, this is not enough to describe our menu. We use high quality seasonal products that are always fresh. The menu is succinct but it often changes. Thanks to this, dishes are always prepared on a regular basis, and what’s more, it allows us to show our guests the richness and diversity of plant based cuisine. Curious what we’ve prepared? Here you can check our menu:


Restauracja wegańska w Gdyni - Soul Fresh

Restauracja wegańska w Gdyni - Soul Fresh

Restauracja wegańska w Gdyni - Soul Fresh

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